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"Stigma is a serious issue for those with mental illness. There are no external physical signs of mental illness. People often judge those with mental illness as being weak."
Mel Thompson, Vice President, Xerox Canada Ltd.

"Open Minds, Open Hearts" - The Making of the Song

In January 2009, Mel Thompson announced his upcoming plans to raise awareness about mental health by cycling across Canada from Vancouver to St. John's. The inspiration for this endeavour is his daughter Lindsay who has a mental illness. She will be joining Mel for parts of the ride.
Lesley Pauze came up with the idea to write Mel a "theme" song, then contacted Stuart Robb and Mike Yarymowich to collaborate. "We want to encourage people not to judge others because of their differences," said Mel. The Team worked to put Mel's vision of awareness, acceptance, hope and recovery into words and music.
"We need the song to be catchy yet meaningful." said Lesley. Lesley, Stuart and Mike worked countless hours, singing, recording, mixing, and editing to put the song together and "Open Minds, Open Hearts" was born.
On Thursday, April 17th the song was publically released Canada wide at Mel's kick-off event at Xerox' Learning Centre in Markham. Mel and his daughter rode into the event on their bikes with the song playing in the background for all to hear. Now it's your turn!
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