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Support Team

As you may well imagine, a project as ambitious as The Ride for Mental Health does not get off the ground, or rather out on the road, without a lot of support from many people. It's not difficult to come up with an idea, but the hard part is making it a reality. From the very beginning there has been a core of amazing people that have taken a kernel of an idea and brought it to life. The people at Xerox Canada Ltd. have been enthusiastically supportive from the outset.
Nine cities across Canada have Local Event Organizing Committees now in place led by Xerox employees, Xerox retirees and partners from the local branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association.
And of course, you are part of the Support Team too. By viewing this website and making a donation you make all the difference. Your participation in one of our events, or organizing one of your own, or simply sharing your story, you are making a valuable contribution to raising awareness and understanding about mental illness.




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